Targeting the right audience in a PPC campaign

As part of the WSA Digital service, we work with our clients to create bespoke PPC campaigns and help them reach their desired objectives.

The main benefit of PPC campaigns is the immediate impact they can have. It is a relatively quick method to acquire new audiences in comparison to other organic methods.

There is great flexibility in managing PPC ad campaigns, for example, if halfway through the campaign it is decided to either increase or decrease the budget, this is easy for us to implement. The copy and creative can also be tested to suit different audiences (also known as A/B testing).

With targeted ads, we are reaching the right people at the right time. Even if a user who has been served the ad isn’t looking to buy the product or use the service right now, this will help with brand awareness –  so when they think about a certain product or service in future the clients brand is the first thing they think of.  

Audience targeting is imperative when setting up a campaign as you can hyper-target your ads to reach new audiences and, coupled with the right campaign messaging, produce warmer leads that make for a much more successful campaign.

But how can we target the right audience?

To do this successfully we must go through a process that considers 3 key factors. These are:  

Who are we targeting?

We carry out extensive demographic research when presenting campaign suggestions to our clients. We take into consideration a variety of different factors, but most importantly we create a user profile for our target audience and assess which platform is the right channel for them.

Where are we targeting?

The location of the campaign is important as we will examine a client’s goal and assess how location will have an impact. If objectives are based on brand awareness, the client may look at a nationwide campaign whereas others will require a more localised campaign if the end goal is tied to a specific region (i.e. event sign-ups). We also need to consider competition and highly targeted areas such as London, which will command a higher campaign budget.

How long do we need to target them for?

Knowing the duration of the campaign is also vital before we begin to plan a campaign, especially if the client has supplied us with a budget to work towards. We would then look to get the best out of the budget provided in a time scale that is not only realistic to the client but keeps the ads relevant.

Process of targeting the right audience

Firstly, we need to look at the demographics that we are targeting. For student recruitment open days, as an example, we would consider using social channels with a high proportion of teenage users such as Snapchat and Instagram.  

It is also important to compile competitor analysis before we start the campaign. This will help us better understand the audience that needs to be targeted as well as what some leading competitors are doing and what your ads will come up against.

We undertake ad research for every campaign we run. This can be time-consuming but informs us what will work best for the client and for the platform. We work on tailoring copy for each audience and for the purpose of the campaign, looking at the best way for creative to be presented. i.e. in video format or single image.

We always review our campaign proposal and gain client approval before agreeing on when the campaign should go live.  But our work doesn’t stop there. After the campaign is launched, we deliver campaign optimisation that includes weekly reporting, monitoring progress and making subtle changes to copy and creative if we feel we can enhance performance.

 To find out more about PPC campaigns or other WSA Digital services, please contact us.