WSA – The Communications Agency: COVID-19 3 Month Update

With over 3 months now operating in lockdown, WSA would like to issue an update for the benefit of our clients, suppliers and partners.

It is imperative to us that we continue to make decisions and take action that protects our staff, clients and business, including transparent communication.

Trading status

WSA continues to trade at full capacity and each division of the agency is fully operational. To date there has, thankfully, not been a need to severely alter the business model, other than to roll out a remote working environment.

Financial position

WSA has maintained a strong cash position with little to no fluctuation during lockdown and therefore is fully equipped to support our clients and those with media buying requirements in particular.

A series of added cautionary layers have been implemented to limit the prospective impact of further economic downturn or additional lockdown restrictions.

Team resources

We are delighted that the WSA team remains at full working capacity and will continue to operate our usual working hours in order to provide our clients with the same level of service that we are known for.

Lockdown operating

A robust and secure remote working policy has been implemented with all staff able to access assets and resources required to carry out campaign activity.

Fallback plans

Regular management and resource planning is undertaken and an agile approach adopted to preparing for possible further restrictions. In addition to remote working resources and policies, further internal process improvements are being undertaken that create a lean business model with financial buffers built to respond to further change.

Post-lockdown resourcing

In anticipation of potential easing of lockdown and renewed requirements around recruitment, marketing and communications, the team are continuing to develop solutions that will support clients both during and after lockdown while emphasising training and development where possible.

We would like to give sincere thanks to our staff, clients and suppliers for their support so far as we work hard to maintain a position of continued stability during this time.

Austin Walters
Austin Walters

Austin Walters is Operations Director at WSA The Communications Agency. He steers the agency’s digital offering and works with all departments and marketing disciplines. Austin writes about business modernisation, management, sales and digital marketing. A young son, a busy job and social life mean that leisure time can be hard to come by, but he spends it keeping active and can often be found running, hiking, surfing or bending into shapes.

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