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Halloween Villains in need of Good PR – Part Three

Proof that two wrongs don’t make a right

To celebrate Halloween, we are posting a spooky example each day of creatures that could achieve success by adopting a better communications strategy.

Day Three – Aliens

Nobody likes being canvassed and a common mistake by many Aliens has been turning up unannounced – immediately putting Earth’s inhabitants on the defensive. If only they identified a need and phoned ahead, Martians could position themselves as solutions architects and achieve warmer responses to leads without resorting to hostile sales tactics.

Aliens have the potential to be a PR goldmine considering they are often technologically advanced and well-travelled. Theoretically, there should be a never-ending stream of new product advancements and galaxy spanning case studies to share with a receptive, possibly enslaved/colonized, audience.  Regular thought-provoking opinion pieces on how to evolve the human race would undoubtedly position them as key social influencers and enhance overall reputation and perception.

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