Welcome rodney!

In our latest New Starter blog post, we are pleased to introduce Rodney Kumar – our new PR Manager at WSA The Communications Agency. In his first blog post, Rodney shares his career journey, how he has settled into WSA so far and his amazing adventures across the world. Over to you, Rodney!

Describe your career journey to date

Started off as a local newspaper journalist in 1990, moving to the British Airways staff newspaper as reporter, then into PR for Hyundai and Ford, freelanced in a number of industries for a few years before landing at IAM RoadSmart as spokesman. Now to WSA!

What have you enjoyed most about working at WSA so far?

Friendly group of individuals with a genuine care for each other’s welfare. Desire to be the best communicators in the business, everyone has their own area of expertise which makes us a terrific all-round team!

What day-to-day activities do you undertake as part of your role?

Mostly writing press releases as well as coming up with ways to get our clients into the media; teasing out the great news stories hiding away at each company we work for. Plus any written material that needs producing such as copy for websites, annual reports and company literature.

Why did you choose to join WSA Communications?

I felt very much in tune with the work ethic and ethos that WSA has; wanting to do the best job possible for its clients while enjoying the work at the same time.

What have you been working on since joining WSA?

Amassing knowledge of WSA’s client base; knowing their business and where they are on the communications journey.

What makes you smile?

Being with friends and family, eating out, seeing live music, being around racing cars!

Name one fact that not many people know about you.

  1. Sprained my wrist when a pig carcass fell on it. Let me explain! It was a weekend job at Sainsbury’s and I was required to clean a 6ft metal rack used to hold meat stored in the fridge room. Pulling the rack out, I had to take off the pig carcass that was sat on top of it, as it was too tall to move out of the fridge with it lying there. I ‘cleverly’ thought I’d roll the pig off the top … without thinking of how heavy it was! The carcass fell fast onto my hand bending it back and trapping it underneath. I was taken to the first aid person when the rest of the team had finished laughing.
  2. I flew to New York and back on Concorde in a day while working at British Airways News. It was the day of the company’s worldwide rebranding; and I was asked to cover a competition winners’ flight with 50 company prize draw winners and 50 Daily Mail winners enjoying a supersonic flight to the Big Apple, tour around Manhattan and lunch at the World Trade Centre. An absolutely unforgettable day!