Give Your Career a Workout!

Earlier this year it was reported* that unemployment among 16-24 year olds has decreased by 60,000 to 464,000 from June to August ’18 compared to the previous quarter. Hurrah! I can hear you all cheer, but statistics can be deceiving. In fact, unemployment levels have remained relatively the same for the last two years at between 10.5 -11.5% and it is the overall population of 16-24 year olds that has fallen.

However, rates are still the lowest since records began in 1992 and this is due in no part to the number of organisations and initiatives set up by charitable organisations to help get people into work.

One of these is the charity Worktree based in Milton Keynes. Worktree provide ‘career guidance, counselling, training and information relating to the availability of educational resources with the aim of assisting such young people to secure gainful employment’.

An example of the resources they offer are ‘Career Workouts’. Sessions where guests from different work backgrounds meet with participants and provide an insight into their work, along with interview tips and career advice. In essence, it is the speed dating of career advice, with meetings lasting less than 10 minutes with up to five students. It provides a chance for students to ask the burning questions they have about the world of work, career pathways, what they can expect from certain roles and gain valuable information they can use when deciding on their next steps.

Sue Harding, Client Services Director at WSA

Who better to inspire the young then Sue Harding, our dedicated and passionate Client Services Director at WSA. Sue heads up the advertising team and has many years of sales management experience. Not only that, but she also has valuable experience of designing, developing and delivering sales training.

Metro Bank, Network Rail and The Thames Valley Police are some of the many other companies who attend and support the Worktree events.

It’s a fantastic chance to meet with young people, fresh talent, and discuss what their expectations are, impart knowledge and support a superb local charity. It’s an enjoyable, rewarding experience – I learn something new every session I attend myself, I would highly recommend it.

Sue Harding – Client Services Director, WSA

Sue is attending the Career Workout with homeless job-seekers aged 19-24 at the Milton Keynes YMCA on the Friday 26th October.

*Source of statistics:

Grace Weight
Grace Weight

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