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Eating healthily and exercising, these are two key things we may do to keep our bodies fit, functional and looking as good as possible. Well, we would argue that website design needs to be approached in a similar way.

This is what gives them the required strength and stamina to thrive in a busy market and ultimately, make conversions. Here we provide an example of how we design bespoke websites that combine visual impact with a fit-for-purpose, functional design.

In this post we’ll be looking at one of our most recent website design projects for the Red Thread Partnership. This company provides leadership and organisation development consultancy and boasts an enviable reputation for facilitating cultural change. For their website, they required a slick and responsive design that reflected their own culture and helped to generate more business.

We are incredibly happy with the final output and have received some very positive comments from external sources. The look and feel is fresh and vibrant. The functionality works incredibly well, and we think that it is a great representation of what we do and our personality. We are particularly pleased with the imagery. It’s simply brilliant!

The Red Thread Partnership

The website design takes inspiration from the Chinese proverb that Red Thread’s company culture is based on: “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break”.

Adopting a brand reflective colour scheme, this image-rich website is designed with a set of clear and distinct user journeys enabling positive responses and conversions.

Moving the website from the soon-to-be defunct Business Catalyst CMS to WordPress, the site’s functionality and content management capabilities have significantly improved.

Navigating the design away from the traditional ‘corporate’ look of competitor sites and using thought-provoking imagery, we also re-structured, created and optimised content across the site.

We thank you for your time and effort. We are very proud of the Red Thread website!

The Red Thread Partnership

Since its recent launch, Red Thread has seen a 28% increase in traffic and an equally impressive 29% hike in new visitors to the website. As these impressive stats show, the new design ensures the website is fighting fit and in a great position to make an impact in a crowded market.

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Team WSA
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