What is the 5 step Video Production Process?

Thinking of producing a brand promotional video or even a video advert can be a rather daunting process to the uninitiated. Even once you decide to take the plunge, where do you start?  Here at WSA we have created, produced, and supported a multitude of clients with their ideas for video campaigns, from TV adverts, promotional videos, animations and so much more. We specialise in transforming your thoughts and ideas into the real thing that you can proudly showcase.

But enough about us. In this blog we will give you some helpful insight into the production process, helping you to understand how to take your idea and move through the steps of pre- production, production, and post-production – and why they are all so important to achieve the best outcome.

Step One – Initial conversations

The first step is to have an open conversation to discuss any ideas or visions that you have and find the sole purpose of the video. In this conversation, experts can help advise on the best format and practices for the specific type of video you require, and how to optimise for great results. Do not fear if there isn’t an initial idea in mind, as taking the time to understand the overall brand message and desired outcome will help reveal the best way forward. If you work with an agency, they can produce a couple of different ideas for you to pick from.

Step Two – Pre-production Stage

Within this stage with a confirmed idea and video brief, the project starts getting underway. We would start pulling the requirements together ahead of the creative stage. so by step two,  all required documentation is completed to make on the day shoot as smooth as possible, from scripts, storyboards, organising videographers and crew, production schedules, consent forms and risk assessments. It’s a lot of leg work, but nailing the pre-production stage = a fun and organised Production stage.

Step Three – Production

Lights! Camera! Action! We have reached the fun stage! This stage is where all of the filming happens. On the day, the crew will arrive and set up all equipment needed, from cameras, lighting, and microphones and if required prepare the location of the shoot. The production manager will coordinate on the day with the actors/interviewees and with the crew to ensure you are running on time and achieving the shot list. By utilising the production documents written in the pre-production stage, you will ensure that everything on the day goes smoothly and cameras are capturing everything needed to bring the concept to life. Less is more does not apply to filming – if you think you might want it later, capture it.

Step Four – Post-Production

Post-production is the stage where everything filmed all comes together via editing. It is where the ideas and narrative that has been discussed since the start visually starts coming to life. Layering of footage, graphics, tiles, music/Voiceovers, and colour grading is all covered in this step. It may even reveal further shots that are required to fill in the blanks. This is vital in order to convey the story or message of the video. This is where maximising your footage comes into play too, taking the complete version of your video and identifying snippets that could be used for social media posts, teasers, trailers and more.

Step Five – Final Delivery

After all the planning, filming, and editing, we now have a completed video or suite of videos. These should have been rendered for maximum quality and formatted to a specific platform of your choice. When we complete a project like this, wesend the video file directly to you, for you to proudly showcase. The final part is over to you – share your new creation with the world!

At WSA, we have the industry experience and creative experts to provide full coverage support for any Video production that you or your company needs, from start to finish. Get in touch to discuss any video project you may have in mind!

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Team WSA
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