A not so typical day in the life of a PR exec

Struggling to avoid a cliché here, but it has to be said that working here, no two days are ever the same.

How my personal interests influence my role

Like most of my friends, I love new technology. The latest app that’s keeping me glued to my phone (out of office hours, of course) is the new augmented reality (AR) Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.  

AR is getting popular. From apps to outdoor ads, digital showrooms and the constantly changing social media landscape, lots of big brands are exploring how they can implement this cutting-edge technology to market themselves in new and creative ways.

This got me thinking. AR: It’s on trend. It’s relevant. It’s exciting. What’s more, when I suggested giving the subject some attention, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to write a review of the Top Ten AR Marketing Campaigns for the WSA blog.

Having the freedom to come up with innovative ideas is just one of the things I love about this job. So, what does a ‘not so typical’ day consist of:

9:00: (Flat white, one sugar in hand), I trawl the news and check email for any Google Alerts to see if and where our content has been used. This can be really exciting, especially if you find some national news coverage that we’ve helped our clients achieve.

9.30: Creating my to-do-list is a typical 9:30 activity. However, if we get an email from a journalist, that comes first. They often work to tight deadlines and that means we do too!

10.00: It’s now time to get prepared for a client meeting this afternoon. It’s important in this role to have regular client meetings to ensure we’re meeting their expectations and are up to date on industry developments.

11.30: We’ve got a press release approved. Once I’ve selected the right media lists, I’ll compile and get the release sent out. An accompanying image is a must to help pique a journalist’s interest!

12.30: Chase up comments from our clients who help provide input for articles and press releases.

2:00: An hour until the meeting and catching up on some metrics – searching for web and print coverage and updating the PR pipelines. Every month we produce Activity Reports relating to the reach, impact and spend on campaigns.

3:00: The client’s in. My teas and coffees are going down well. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to love the concept for a press Round Table we’ll be proposing! Time to make a note of all actions discussed.

4.30: I’ll make a start on the PR contact Report from the meeting. We’ll have this over to the client within 24 hours.  

5:25: (Five minutes before the end of the day. Time flies in this job!) Two new projects that I need to make a note of – one is an SEO project and the other, an industry event. These will involve cross-department meetings and the opportunity to get involved in a wide range of creative and organisational activities.

This is a day in the life of our trendiest trend spotter and budding queen of prose.  Next up in the series, we’ll be finding out about a day in the life of a WSA designer who really does have what it takes to be the next James Dyson! Watch this space.

Joe Cuffaro
Joe Cuffaro

Joe Cuffaro joined WSA Communications in 2014 as an Account Executive and has progressed to Head of PR & Marketing. Joe has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a PR & Communications Digital Diploma from the PRCA. He has helped clients achieve regional, sector and national coverage in a wide variety of media; including news stories on all major BBC channels (TV, Radio and Online) and providing scripts for adverts broadcast on the likes of talkSPORT. Joe has written multiple successful award-entries and continues to assist clients with content for news, advertisements, recruitment, marketing collateral and more. Despite the warnings, his dream holiday destination remains either Jurassic Park or Itchy & Scratchy Land.

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