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WSA supports Worktree Career WorkOut

Last week our Client Services Director, Sue Harding, attended a worthy event in Milton Keynes helping the homeless in the world of work organised by Worktree.

Sue Harding pictured at the YMCA

I was delighted to have had the opportunity to work with young people aged 19-24.

Sue Harding – Client Services Director, WSA

The event was held at a YMCA and hosted by Worktree, a charitable organisation created to assist teens and young adults into working life. Sue was invited to talk about her career, her education and experiences and share any tips for those looking to work in advertising, marketing or other office-based professions. Joining Sue was a great selection of professionals in the local area, including a HR and facilities manager, engineer service manager and representatives from the construction and finance sectors.

This particular event was held for homeless job-seekers aged 19-24 and voluntary to attend.

There was a cross section of professionals that attended to support and all had something useful to share about their employment history and what they look for when interviewing. I look forward to attending and supporting Worktree again in the future.

Sue Harding – Client Services Director, WSA
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