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How have your first few weeks at WSA been? 

My first few weeks have been so much better than I ever imagined! Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive that I already feel part of the team. I am very excited to get involved in all our future projects and for any challenges ahead, I have already learnt so much and cannot wait to see what’s in store moving forward. 

What’s your area of expertise and what makes you successful in this market? 

For many years I’ve had a strong interest in marketing, this was discovered when I completed 2 weeks work experience in Year 10. From then onwards I shaped my career to help pursue my interest in  studying media, business, and photography at college. I received my 3 A-levels earlier this year, gaining a C, a B, and a distinction. With much debate over university, I decided the apprenticeship route was more suited to me.  

After many interviews and a few trial shifts later, I finally found WSA were looking for an apprentice. I knew straight away this was perfect and I applied right away. A few interviews and meetings later I was hired as a Digital Marketing Apprentice. 

I picked up photography early in lockdown and have found a real passion, it has allowed me to develop my creative flair and studying the subject gave me the opportunity to try many different styles of photography. I even shot a wedding in the summer. 

What attracted you to join WSA? 

When looking around nothing really stood out to me, there was always something that didn’t quite feel right. WSA was a turning point for me in which I knew that this is the company I want to work for. I remember returning home after my first interview and telling my mum “This is the one”. WSA give me many opportunities to learn, being an apprentice, I could not ask for more! Working in an agency I can get a great overview on what marketing is about, how it works, and it gives me the chance to learn as much as possible. 

What projects have you been involved in since you started? 

Since I started, I have been heavily involved in the social media for our clients, writing captions, adding images and links. I have covered quite a lot in my first few weeks, trying to get involved where I can. It has been very enjoyable getting to know each of our clients, understanding different tones of voice, content and what their intentions are. We have a great range of clients here, from healthcare to schools to food and it’s been amazing to work with them all, I look forward to meeting more! 

What goals would you like to achieve in the next 12 months? 

My main goal for this apprenticeship is to learn as much as I can, cover as many areas as possible. Knowledge is power! Coming into this apprenticeship I have not yet decided what area of marketing I would like to specialise in moving forward and what better place than a marketing agency to figure it out. Working around a great team each with different ideas and skill sets, I’m very excited to see what route I enjoy the most. 

What makes you laugh out loud? 

Definitely family and friends, nothing beats a bit of quality family time, my dad’s certainly got funnier with age, my mum’s always been a good laugh. I am the middle child with two sisters, I would’ve loved a younger brother, but I suppose those two are alright! Being part of a football team, we are always having a laugh on and off the pitch. We have a great team camaraderie and even when we lose, we always look on the bright side. 

Finally, tell us an interesting yet little-known fact about you!  

Well, I have 5 cats, yes 5! Previously we owned 3, which seemed like a nice number of cats to own but in July of 2019 my cat called Dot gave birth to 5 kittens –  we kept 2 and we are glad we did! It’s a busy house but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

Joshua Brooks
Joshua Brooks
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