New Member of Account Management, Get to Know Kym Wright

How have your first few weeks at WSA been?

The first few weeks have been amazing, the team have been so kind and welcoming. Everyone has gone out of their way to help or point me in the right direction and I feel as though I’ve been here longer than that already (in a good way 😊)!

What’s your area of expertise and what makes you successful in this market?

I would say customer service is my area of expertise. I’m very much a people person and have confidence in picking up the phone or having a face-to-face. I have worked in an agency environment for the majority of my career and I’ve looked after several types of clients, the key to success is building that relationship.

What attracted you to join WSA?

The team dynamic. You seemed like a close-knit bunch, which is very important to me. After interviews with senior management and having a stalk on your website and social platforms, I was pretty much sold. 😊

What projects have you been involved in since you started?

I got my list of clients at the beginning of last week, so most of my time has been spent reviewing the status of each client. I’m excited about taking the reigns on all of them and building those lasting relationships.

What goals would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

Commercially – To grow the agency client and portfolio base, both with retained and new clients

Personally – To strengthen my knowledge of the agency’s core industries and become an integral part of the team

What makes you laugh out loud?

Never one to grow old too fast, I have quite a childish sense of humour! Anything childish will usually make me howl. Definitely a bit of a kid’s entertainer in my former life, luckily my children think I’m hilarious.

Finally, tell us an interesting yet little-known fact about you!

I won the kids TV show ‘Crazy Cottage’ with school when I was 12. It was similar to Funhouse, but you had to do everything backwards. I can still recite the alphabet backwards now!!!