Meet Stephanie Rogers – Our Business Development Manager

How have your first few weeks at WSA been?

I’m loving it so far – everyone is so welcoming and lovely! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few members of staff face to face, but whether it be in person or on the phone, everyone was open and chatty and easy to get to know.

It has been so busy already, but with the positive work attitude that everyone brings to WSA, it has made working on projects so much more fun and the time has flown by!

What is your area of expertise and what makes you successful in this market?

I have always worked in sales and marketing, predominantly in newspapers and press, so I’ve picked up knowledge of print as well as digital. I also worked a lot on advertising for SME’s and growing small businesses.

What attracted you to join WSA?

I came across WSA and felt that the job role fitted with my level of expertise and experience. After taking a look at the website, I was really impressed with the level of content on there in terms of case studies and blogs, seeing everything was up to date showed me that WSA is proactive and passionate about putting out content, which I love.

After my interview I really felt this was a place I would love to work. Charlotte and I got on immediately and we share common views and thoughts, which I knew would massively benefit us working together. I also LOVE the colour pink!!

What projects have you been involved in since you started?

I’ve worked on many projects since starting including lots of tenders. Getting involved in different things has allowed me to work with almost every person in the business already, learning more about their expertise whilst getting work done, which has been great in building internal relationships.

What goals would you like to achieve in the next 12 months?

As mentioned before, working with small businesses is something I have done for many years, and I would love to continue doing that at WSA. I have a long list of contacts from my previous career that might represent future opportunities alongside the new, smaller business clients I am looking to speak to. It would be great to eventually do things such as workshops on marketing and branding to accommodate upcoming business and give additional support within our service offering.

What makes you laugh out loud?

Definitely my children! They have me in fits of laughter every day and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am also a huge lover of Tiktok and often find myself having a giggle at my ‘For You’ page.

Finally, tell us an interesting yet little-known fact about you!

I once swam with sharks in Florida!