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Halloween Villains in need of Good PR – Part One

There’s no need to be haunted by a previously horrible reputation

Even with appropriate crisis management, negative press can be a hard thing to shake off. What good PR will do is present a fresh line of thinking that encourages an audience to consider sometimes overlooked positives. To celebrate Halloween, we are posting a spooky example on each of the next 7 days of frightening creatures that could achieve success by adopting a better communications strategy.

Day One – Samara from The Ring

The implementation of GDPR was always going to claim a few high-profile scalps and Samara from The Ring, who built a legacy on unsolicited phone calls, was an obvious target. The demise of Blockbuster Video (and murderous chain-mail generally being penalised by Google SEO) severely impacted The Ring business model.  What is not communicated as prominently however is the benefits of being afforded ample preparation time.

A pioneer of social media sharing, Samara is compassionate enough to give victims the opportunity to get affairs in order and even avoid a negative fate. Time management and optimisation is a key skill for the modern business person, you cannot put a price on planning your week to ensure you make the most out every one of your 7 days. Furthermore, avoiding the television to venture into the great outdoors makes Samara a positive role model in an increasingly exercise conscious society.

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the next monster on our list!

Are you afraid your business is being misinterpreted as a horror story when you are actually a fairy-tale organisation? If so, who you gonna call? WSA: 01908 371177

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