Halloween Villains in need of Good PR – Part Five

Because marketing never sleeps

To celebrate Halloween, we are posting a spooky example each day of creatures that could achieve success by adopting a better communications strategy.

Day Five – Dracula

It may seem impossible to redeem a vampire king that is known for sucking blood, but with a more considered approach to communications, Dracula may just prove to be the most employable being in all of Transylvania. Always happy to take night shifts, Dracula never takes summer holidays and, being cold blooded, he keeps the office aircon bill low.

Sharp teeth may have got him into trouble from time to time, but it’s worth pointing out how useful his bite is for domestic errands and opening bottles at office parties. A fountain of historical knowledge and experience, Dracula is the poster-boy for polygamy; remaining a loyal husband to multiple undead wives for thousands of years. No reflection makes Nosferatu a fantastic window and mirror cleaner, not to mention you can always count on him to raise morale with his sense of humour and comedic impressions, particularly his hilarious ‘Bat-Man’ stand-up routine.

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Joe Cuffaro
Joe Cuffaro

Joe Cuffaro joined WSA Communications in 2014 as an Account Executive and has progressed to Head of PR & Marketing. Joe has a degree in Broadcast Journalism and a PR & Communications Digital Diploma from the PRCA. He has helped clients achieve regional, sector and national coverage in a wide variety of media; including news stories on all major BBC channels (TV, Radio and Online) and providing scripts for adverts broadcast on the likes of talkSPORT. Joe has written multiple successful award-entries and continues to assist clients with content for news, advertisements, recruitment, marketing collateral and more. Despite the warnings, his dream holiday destination remains either Jurassic Park or Itchy & Scratchy Land.

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