Why Video should be considered in your recruitment marketing strategy

Odette Ziemelis, Production Manager at WSA The Communications Agency, looks into the rise of video content in marketing and explores how this is impacting recruitment and talent acquisition teams.

Most modern marketing campaigns now use a form of visual content, regardless of sector or specialism. There are numerous different types of videos that can be produced, from promotional videos, animations, short-form social media content, product demonstrations and events (the list goes on and on). 

The opportunity to utilise video to showcase a brand’s values, especially to potential new employees, is something that more and more businesses are tapping into. It is more important than ever for employers to embrace the needs of today’s candidates – with many talented job seekers favouring opportunities that provide an authentic glimpse into the role, helping them discover if they are a cultural fit. Of course, these video assets can also be used to attract more attention to the overall brand and provide a better understanding of what is on offer working for that employer.

The way people work has changed dramatically since 2020 and so has the way businesses appeal to post-pandemic recruits. Candidates are now much more interested in the benefits involved beyond the base salary, the flexibility and additional opportunities available when applying for a new job. With visual content being a vital way to establish your brand/company online it is also a way to attract these new employees.

In days gone by, we have all applied for a job that we liked the sound of, but not always with a full and clear understanding of the company we are sending our CV. It has become far more common for modern candidates to research everything they can about a company before they make a decision to apply. In the same way that websites and social media profiles have become the norm (and not having these looks outdated or suspicious to candidates), insightful video content has emerged as a key differentiator in encouraging applications. Imagine you were thinking about leaving your current job – do you think having videos that give you a fly-on-the-wall perspective and an inside look into a business might help entice you to enquire if you liked what you saw?

What type or videos can you produce and what do they include?

Having a tailored promo video covering your business allows you to showcase your USP and shout about all the benefits of working for your company. Typically, these will be summarised into short videos of around 1-2 Minutes, but these can be in any duration or style that best reflects your business. It makes sense to start with a longer form video that can then be cut up and repurposed, for example, on a job post on social media channels.

There is the potential to produce a cluster of videos that work coherently together, covering multiple aspects of your business, such as a dedicated talking heads video with your existing staff, an informative video talking about your product or services and even a video discussing career development or other benefits on offer. There is no limit to what videos can be produced and utilised, not only for recruitment but also for marketing goals like brand awareness.

Affordability is often cited as a potential reason not to invest in video, but this is increasingly cost-effective and has become more comparable to other marketing techniques that businesses regularly spend their hard-earned pound on. To improve the chances of exceeding your recruitment campaign expectations, video is one of the strongest marketing tools available currently and can be the difference in influencing the right potential candidates to consider your company and role.

Providing insight into your business through videography will give you the best chance of attracting the best people to apply and build overall brand awareness at the same time. Why not see where video can take you?

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