Top 10 Christmas adverts of 2020

Christmas adverts creep their way onto our TVs in November and often do not leave our subconscious until the new year. But which ads have stood out to the marketing professionals at WSA this year? From Papa Johns to Tesco, let’s find take a look at some of our favourites…

No Naughty List – Tesco

Tesco has devised a feel-good advert, taking worries and concerns from the turbulent year of 2020 and putting a humorous spin or the normal concept of being good during what has been for many a bad year. Our Paid Digital Media Manager, Laura Farnsworth, says this is her favourite advert this year, “I just think it’s hilarious, perfect for the current situation, and makes me laugh every time! I think we can all relate to one person on the advert at least!”

Rebuild the world – LEGO

Marc Bransgrove, WSA Account Director, loves the ‘rebuild the world’ advert by Lego. From the twist on the classic song ‘What A Wonderful World’ to the quirks and creativity of Lego, it makes for a fun and light hearted reflection on what has been a challenging year, reminding us all to be positive at Christmas time.

Big on a Christmas you believe in – Lidl

Lidl devised an anti-advert which is big on disrupting cliches of competitors, which makes it a favourite for our Account Director, Louise Young, “For me, it absolutely HAS to be the Lidl advert, they are sort of poking fun at the whole concept of a Christmas TV advert. It states quite plainly also that proper “Christmas magic is in sprouts and cake and gin!” BRILLIANT!!!”

The lil’ goat – TK Maxx

Animals always prove to be a hit in Christmas ads, and TK Maxx are the latest company to use a festive mascot to attract shoppers. The well dressed and upbeat ‘lil goat’ has put a smile on faces including our Account Manager, Kim Newland!

Help fight hygiene poverty with Boots and the Hygiene Bank – Boots

Boots decided to donate £1 million worth of products to The Hygiene Bank this year to help fight Hygiene poverty. This Christmas they have expanded their advertising with a catchy song and sweet animations of bubbles, soap and all things cleanliness. This one has also touched Kim and has also inspired her to “stick googly eyes on to everything in my bathroom”.

We can all do our bit for our community – Co-Op

Everybody has missed something during the lockdown restrictions this year and for our Account Manager, Chris Quin, it was playing and listening to live music. That’s why when he watched Co-Ops Christmas advert of a young by busking outside of a Co Op store it reminded him of a positive time of enjoying music. “I’m a musician at heart and haven’t seen enough live music this year so this really spoke to me!”

A Sausage CaRoll – Walkers

Jeremy Hancox, our Creative Designer has been a fan of the Walkers advert this year: “Walkers ditching TV in f(l)avour of a social media campaign for charity is a welcome change. Can’t go wrong with sausage or an East 17 cameo!”

Giving more this Christmas – Papa John’s

Simple yet effective is a way to sum up the Papa John’s Christmas advert this year, but it proved a favourite for Marc Bransgrove, Account Director and our Managing Director, Jerry Taylor. Jerry says he particularly enjoyed the advert for “its simplicity and charitable aspect”.

A comfy carol – DFS

DFS teamed up with Wallace and Gromit to deliver their Christmas advert this year, and it proved a favourite for our Digital Marketing Assistant, Molly McCarthy. “The Ewe-phonia never fails to make me giggle and Wallace and Gromit remain incredibly popular part of Christmas TV over the festive season. Including them on a comfy sofa is just a great way to make two worlds collide!”

Your phone’s been through a lot this year – Three

Three have made a clever advert for Christmas this year, taking us through the journey of our phone usage: phone calls, video calls, baby photos and more. It also added the relatable touch of cleaning your phone more due to the COVID-19 situation. Above all else, it was a great way to make a technology company human and relatable to their audience.

Austin Walters
Austin Walters

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