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Girl power! WSA CEO Jane Hayward discusses life as a female entrepreneur

In the post #MeToo landscape, glass ceilings continue to be shattered. Blockbuster franchises have begun turning the spotlight to the likes of Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. Nielsen research recently indicated 66% of the population now follow a women’s sport. Initiatives to encourage female careers in historically male dominated sectors, such as STEM, continue to gain traction.

Things were different as little as 14 years ago, when WSA was formed. Jane Hayward, WSA CEO, knows first hand what it takes to be a female entrepreneur in a changing world.

When did you set up your own business and what made you decide to do so?

April 2005, after deciding I didn’t want to be an undervalued Advertising Exec when my former agency employer was bought out.  I knew I had the ability to give it a try and fortunately the leap of faith has paid off.

Did you ever feel being a female entrepreneur presented its own challenges?

Yes, you have to work harder to be taken more seriously in business and prove you have the ability to do the job well. I never went to university or ran a business previously, so I had to fall back on hard graft and the soft skills that I knew I could utilise.

Do you feel opportunities for women have improved in recent times?

Yes, I think more women are becoming leaders and are being listened to and respected. I see and hear more opinions and interviews from successful women leaders that influences business and social factors in society.

WSA is made up of women and men of all ages and backgrounds, was diversity important to the company’s growth?

Definitely. Age has the benefit of knowledge and experience, youth has the enthusiasm and digital skills. Different backgrounds create a great mix of opinions and ideas that educates and shares knowledge.

What advice would you give any budding entrepreneurs in 2019?

Do your research and preparation, be well funded and surround yourself with really good people that you can rely on.

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