7 Types of Videos that schools can use in their marketing strategy

Video has become one of the most efficient ways to communicate information quickly and effectively to potential new students and their parents. There is a view that video production is costly, but this is no longer the case as platform growth in this space has meant you can now get high-quality video assets that fit any budget.  

With the significant increase of video content available, and methods to promote and endorse using these now commonplace, this should be considered for any marketing strategy – especially those looking to speak to the younger members of society (main adopters). By opting for videos, you can create a multitude of content that is not only informative but also an effective way of building the reputation of a business or a school. 

So, let’s dive into some of the types of videos schools can produce to reach great outcomes. 

  1. Open Days 

Having videos available for Open Days helps to engage potential new students and parents who are considering the school as a part of their options. A video offers flexibility to those who are unable to attend the event and still gives the opportunity to find out about the school from the comfort of their own home. This convenience is not the only benefit, with those who do not like crowds not being put off, giving people the ability to look back over elements they may have missed post-event and preview what to expect from the open day event in advance. Previous year’s content can also be used for promotional material for an upcoming event in future, making the content ‘evergreen’ friendly.  

  1. Virtual Tours 

Virtual tours can help provide an overview of a school’s facilities and provide reassurance about the quality and safety of the school’s premises to parents. Professionally shot content can not only make your school standout from others but can also help with settling new students’ nerves – providing a small walkthrough on what to expect before starting at the school. Virtual video tours are more engaging and can often place the audience at the school visually, making attendance more relatable and imaginable. 

  1. Promo/overview Video 

Generic overview and promo videos are a good all-rounder multipurpose video to begin with and is a fantastic resource to have on your website. This provides an overview of the schoolteachers, the curriculum, the schools values, and facilities in one short format video. Think of this like a digestible prospectus. Creating a short video can help with the engagement to your school website but also to your online channels, often making the target audience move into the consideration zone if they like what they see.  

  1. Student & Teacher Testimonials 

Testimonials are a great way to hear of other people’s experiences and perspectives in any walk of like – but in education this makes the school a relatable setting, forming a much deeper connection than written words. This can contain differences of opinions from different stakeholders too, as real honest opinions stipulate more credibility and trustworthiness to the audience. No institution is perfect, but striving towards it is a good look.  

  1. Live videos 

Live videos are more targeted for use on social media channels, with user-generated content being at the height of marketing, having live videos offers a real-time look at events as they happen. This can ensure when something exciting is happening (such as a visit from a notable guest) this strikes the audience whilst the new is hot and encourages immediate shares and attention. Students and many parents will be on TikTok and Instagram – you should not ignore unique opportunities to reach them in a positive way.  

  1. Staff Recruitment Videos 

As well as increasing the engagement for prospective students and parents, video can also be used to appeal to prospective staff for recruitment purposes. With potential employees now being more thorough with job searches online than ever, having a company recruitment video can be useful to give a glimpse of the work culture and benefits of joining a particular school over other competitors.  

  1. Day in the life 

Having a day in the life of videos from students across all year groups can help potential new students envision themselves involved in a typical day. Using videos that are relatable often connects deeper with the intended audience and allows existing students to share their stories or experiences through their own words, adding authenticity. This can also be used to effectively showcase the curriculum and facilities of the school from a different point of view.  


Video marketing remains the most effective way to capture attention and deliver information/& stories to a youthful target audience. For schools to be seen and heard, their online presence is more important than ever. Most children and parents in 2023 are using social media every day in some form, so having video content that stands out is a great way to create a buzz and secure engagement on any school website or socials. With the endless types of videos that can be created to cover a multitude of school departments, areas and needs – this should definitely be considered in any future marketing strategy.  

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