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London Fee Assistance Consortium


The London Fee Assistance Consortium (LFAC) required a new campaign to drive as many parents as possible to the consortium’s website, where they could click straight through to any one of 28 listed schools and find out more details about fee assistance, bursaries and scholarships. The consortium desired an improvement on previously run campaigns and a range of platforms to be used, such as out of home advertising, press advertising and digital adverts.

Sector: Education
Challenge: Advertise fee assistance for independent schools to parents in London and surrounding areas
Activities: Social Media/PPC Advertising/Out of Home Advertising/PR/Web Design
Duration: 3 months
LFAC 'Top Schools. No Fees.' campaign on a tube train

The process

Campaign development

WSA developed a multi-faceted campaign playing on the ‘Mind the Gap’ signs present on London Underground platforms amongst other new and eye-catching ideas. WSA negotiated and placed tube car panel adverts at a significantly reduced rate, representing a saving of over £52,000 for LFAC. In the London Metro and Evening Standard, a half page advert ran for 2 consecutive weeks, featuring in the education sections of both papers and including a half page editorial written by the Metro during the second week.

LFAC 'Top Schools. No Fees.' campaign in a tube station

Digital activity

WSA also provided a digital campaign that carefully targeted an audience based on behaviour, interests and demographic. Tracking was implemented across social media and Google AdWords in order to monitor performance. A new microsite was developed which, in terms of aesthetics, was critical to ensuring users could instantly recognise the branding whilst experience a more focused user journey; moving from page to page and viewing more schools freely, without the need to revert back to the homepage.

LFAC website shown across a desktop, tablet and mobile

The outcome

  • 0
    Facebook ad impressions
  • 0%
    Google Ads click through rate
  • 0
    users brought to the LFAC website

The high visibility and exposure of the LFAC campaign as evidenced in the above digital outcomes, was also endorsed by feedback from WSA team members on having seen the eye-catching adverts whilst in London.

The call to action for the digital ads, press features and out of home advertising was to bring as many parents as possible to the newly updated LFAC website where they could find out more about each member school and their scholarship and bursary offering.

WSA began to receive calls from independent schools wanting to both join and work with the consortium, showing just how much reach the advert achieved beyond the initial target audience of parents.

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