It’s not too late to get involved in Black Friday!

British, Anglophone or dare I say it European, how do you identify in this turbulent time? Thankfully it is not just us Brit’s struggling to pinpoint exactly where or what we are. According to Google’s most common questions a host of web surfers are not sure if the UK is in fact in the US.

While I might joke that people confuse US and UK, they cannot be blamed for such assumptions when our culture is becoming more and more Americanised.

Take, for example, the increase in frenzy around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday began in the 1950s and was a sale that followed on from thanksgiving, in the run up to Christmas. The UK is expected to see a 13% increase in sales this year (Black Friday – UK – January 2018) beating last year’s £4.2 billion made instore and online.

For retailers, the emergence of Black Friday and its benefits including increase in traffic online and footfall in store, a chance to sell old stock and boost the pre-Christmas sales figures. However, it does have its cons, businesses are reluctant to offer discounts over extended periods, with the New Year sales just around the corner, why should small businesses offer early discounts?

There is a host of creative ideas to entice sales and make your audience believe they are getting a good deal. Sneaky marketing ploys and clever campaigns can make all the difference. Here are some last-minute marketing ideas especially for Black Friday and Cyber Monday that you could utilise for your business, NOW!

  1. Play on Peoples Fear of Missing Out

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful marketing tactic. You will be surprised what creating a sense of urgency does to an audience.

Encourage consumers to browse your latest products before it is too late by adding some clever calls to action on emails and social media posts such as ‘last chance to view’ or ‘last chance to shop this season look’.


2. Integrate on and offline

For businesses with bricks and mortar outlets, it works well to drive visits through online activity. Entice consumers to visit during the period by offering in-store exclusives. These could be as simple as offering a giveaway to three lucky customers or free gift-wrapping for a limited time.

Go one step further and make your most loyal customers feel valued by offering an exclusive opening time and shopping experience exclusively to previous customers.

3. Introduce new products

It works well to schedule the launch of any new products or services around this key time. It allows you to showcase to your audience whilst moving older stock and even discounting old items.

If you are not quite ready, then ask your audience to sign up for exclusive sneak peaks ready for when you do launch.

4. Offer an additional service for Free

Providing a free service such as shipping can increase your average order values. Ask your visitors to spend a threshold amount to qualify for free shipping that ensures you make a return. It is not guaranteed to boost sales but it can boost the average order value.


5.Use of Hashtags

Don’t be afraid to jump on the Black Friday deals bandwagon without a sale in place. Your service or store might not be offering discounts, but you can offer something extra to your customers. Price matching, a superior product or even an added service can make your product comparable with a heavily discounted item. A good example is John Lewis who rather than discount stock, market themselves on price matching and value for money.


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